Why Choose Impact Windows?

As many residents of Florida can attest to, damage from a hurricane can be immense. Standard-grade windows and doors simply cannot stand up to extreme winds and debris. Should a window or door break during a hurricane, the difference in pressure between the interior and exterior can translate to structure damage in just a matter of seconds. During a hurricane, even the rain can penetrate into your home, and the ensuing water damage can cost you thousands in damage.

Impact windows and doors offer safety and security from both windblown debris and blowing rain.

And that’s just the beginning.

Save on energy. Save on insurance.

Save month after month by lowering your energy bills. What’s more, insurance carriers may also reduce a homeowner’s insurance rates due to their impact windows. Any building with a value of over $750,000 must install certified impact windows and doors to continue coverage.


Impact windows Florida not only provide storm protection, they also offer defense against unwanted vandals and burglars. Even a would-be burglar with a crowbar can’t break through a window or door from Guard Impact Window & Door. The glass itself may crack, but entry will still be blocked because of the laminated glass it contains.

Noise Reduction

Impact windows also offer a significant noise reduction– made possible by the thick laminated glass and double high grade weather seals in all of our products.

Resale Value

Wouldn’t you choose a home with impact windows and doors? Most people would. And many real estate agents agree that a home with impact windows can command a higher selling price.

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