Hurricane Windows & Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale

The next time I need impact windows installed, there’s no question who I’m calling. I contacted Guard about window installation for my parents’ home in Fort Lauderdale.
The process was a dream. There was no stress involved, the pricing was very generous, and the results are spectacular.
My parents have the most attractive and secure windows in their neighborhood now, and I’m frankly very jealous.

Tim B., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Installing impact windows in Fort Lauderdale makes a lot of sense. Although Fort Lauderdale residents can enjoy a fun beach-filled lifestyle in a beautiful, warm climate more often than not, they are also very much aware of the grave danger they face every year during hurricane season and how to counter the potential of extreme weather effectively — with hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale.

And they are not alone.

The staff of Guard Impact Window & Door is on the same page in countering the blasting Fort Lauderdale hurricanes that inevitably do make landfall in sunny Florida by offering our quality hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale and services backed up by more than 50 years of excellent installation experience.

Fort Lauderdale: Sunny Vacation Destination

Fort Lauderdale is a favorite destination for tourists and fun loving people who want to spend their vacations and free time to explore the city’s beaches for a dip in the crystal waters and to bask in the seemingly endless ration of the famous Florida sunshine.  On top of that, its canals entice boating enthusiasts all over the world for a relaxing, sometimes competitive, yet equally awesome boating experience.

This American state sits on the Atlantic coast, roughly a 23 mile-distance from the bustling city of Miami.  Its current population is over 165,000 and millions of visitors flock the city each year to enjoy its almost perfect 75F temperature and sunny weather.

The city has plenty of hotels and tourist-friendly establishments to host its ever-growing tourist population.

But even Fort Lauderdale is not immune to natural threats.  Hurricanes visit the sunny city every now and then which does not minimize the big risks the city faces from such calamities, necessitating impact windows in Fort Lauderdale for residents.

Impact Doors Fort Lauderdale

Installing impact windows Ft Lauderdale in your homes and property is one of the surest ways to protect your family, home, and property from the raging hurricanes that may bring destructive winds and debris along with rain that could easily break your windows and doors upon contact.

Since Fort Lauderdale caters to millions of tourists and visitors all year long, it would be wise to protect the establishments and homes that graciously host them and the city’s local residents as well by installing reliable and pressure-tested impact windows in Fort Lauderdale.

Our impact windows are designed to sustain even the most notorious winds from the strongest hurricanes hitting Fort Lauderdale during hurricane season.  Our impact doors of Fort Lauderdale can be customized to cater to the owner’s design preferences so as not to compromise intended architectural and interior designs.

Experts in Hurricane Windows Fort Lauderdale

Our staff is a pool of experts who are trained to install impact windows in Fort Lauderdale based on the strictest demands and guidelines in the industry.  Our services are guaranteed to give you sufficient protection from hurricane damage.  Not only that, burglary and other unwanted intrusions to your home and property may be prevented due to the reliability and strength of the glass and other installation products that we use.

Our impact windows do not need shutters and covers, so you can enjoy the same lighting and open views from inside and outside your home and property as if you had nothing but standard glass installed in your precious windows.

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