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Howard S., Orlando, FL

The enormous destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 made a lot of people realize that improving the structures of their homes is a must. The main focus of these improvements were the impact windows. This brought about the creation of impact windows Orlando.

It was also after Hurricane Andrew that impact windows South Florida were made a requirement by the officials of the local building codes of the state.

Windows are often the first targets of strong winds that come along with hurricanes. These strong winds pick up any flying debris along the way. It is the debris that comes with the winds that hit windows causing them to get damaged.

Plywood can protect windows from flying debris that comes with strong winds. There are however more advanced technologies that you can install in your home if you live in an area often visited by hurricanes.

You can opt to have all your windows installed with hurricane shutters or you can have hurricane windows and doors installed in your home.

Impact Windows Orlando: It Is A Necessity

Hurricane shutters are coverings meant to protect windows from flying debris that come with strong winds during a hurricane. They also protect your home from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun when they are closed. They are much cheaper than hurricane windows.

Hurricane shutters however when close do not allow light to enter your home. When they are not securely attached to the window frames, the glass will get damaged during strong winds. Window shutters can also get torn during extreme weather conditions.

We Are Here to Ensure Your Safety in Orlando

Hurricane windows perform much better than hurricane shutters. During extreme strong winds, they are totally shatterproof. They will not get torn because they are built-in into the windows. The glass will not shatter too. If ever they will get damaged, the film sandwiched between two layers of glasses will allow shattered glass to stick together.

Hurricane windows will always allow light to enter your home because they are light traditional windows. They are always open so they are always able to provide protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Impact windows as what hurricane windows are called can also help reduce outdoor door from entering your home. One nice thing about these windows is they are energy efficient thus you can expect lower electricity bills.

Installing Hurricane Windows in Orlando

Impact windows also function as security windows because burglars will never be able to break them to make an entry into your home. The only downside of impact windows is they cost more than shutter windows. Since you will be able to save on electricity bills, they will be paying for themselves.

Impact windows use the technology of laminated glass. A plastic interlayer or film is sandwiched between two layers of glass. The interlayer keeps the glass together even when shattered when impacted.

To be able to withstand extreme strong winds, impact windows Orlando should be installed in an extremely sturdy frame so it can keep the glass in place. Frames of impact windows are made of vinyl, wood or metal. Other materials are also added to further add to the strength of the windows.

After Hurricane Andrew, damages to the home caused by extremely strong winds have been kept to a minimum. Impact windows have proven to be one of the reasons for the minimal damage. The preparedness of the homeowners also played a vital role.

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