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When Doreen and I decided it was time for replacement windows, we put our faith into Storm Guard Windows, who took such good care of us and made sure we got the perfect windows for our home. We are very thankful that we chose Storm Guard.

Ted F., Deerfield Beach, FL

If you are a Deerfield Beach resident, there is a chance you may not be aware of the origin of your city’s name (more on that below). However, if you happen to be a long-time Florida resident, you most certainly are aware of the storms and hurricanes that come to visit your city during the active hurricane seasons. You should also be aware that there is no better defense against extreme weather conditions than to have impact windows for Deerfield Beach homes and properties. Read on to learn why impact windows in Deerfield Beach are such a wise investment.

As a legitimate provider of quality impact windows and impact doors in Deerfield Beach, we at Guard Impact Window & Door know the history of Deerfield Beach as much as we know the proper ways to ensure the safety of its residents’ homes, business establishments and other properties.

Deerfield Beach: A Beach Haven for Tourists and Locals

Once upon a time, Deerfield Beach was known for a herd of deer roaming the fields by the Hillsboro River.  Hence, the name “Deerfield.” Several years later, the name officially became “Deerfield Beach” to let tourists know that the city did in fact contain a beach. Today, the city is a solid tourist destination in the state of Florida.  It is located as part of the Miami metropolitan area in Broward County, Florida and has roughly 75,000 residents.

Deerfield Beach may not be one of the first cities that comes to mind when thinking about Florida tourism, but it is a tourist destination nonetheless that boasts piers, beautiful beaches, hotels, restaurants, cafes and cable ski courses, one of which is the longest in the entire United States.

Many say Deerfield Beach is among the less crowded tourist destinations compared to the many other tourist destinations in Florida although it is equally beautiful and enticing especially to tourists who want to explore its award winning beaches.

Deerfield Beach, being in the coastal region of the United States, gets hounded by natural storms, which make it vulnerable to wind and debris damage, especially in the event of strong and catastrophic hurricanes and other unfavorable natural disasters.

Deerfield Beach can count on us

No matter how many storms and hurricanes visit Deerfield Beach, its residents can have the peace of mind they deserve if they choose our company, Guard Impact Window & Door, to install impact windows in Deerfield Beach.

Our trained staff will guide our customers in choosing the best impact doors in Deerfield Beach that will best suit their needs and preferences as well as install them to ensure the impact windows and impact doors fit perfectly in their Deerfield Beach homes and properties – to prevent leaks, unevenness and other similar installation problems in the future.

Aside from storms, our impact windows and doors deter burglary and other means of forced and unwanted intrusion in homes and properties.  The laminated glass we use is of the highest quality, passing the most rigorous requirements set by the industry.  It is built to stay in place and sustain the most intense impact from strong winds, debris, rain and other destructive elements brought about by harsh natural and even man-made conditions.

There are many benefits in choosing impact windows in Deerfield Beach from us including low energy consumption, thermal efficiency, non-obstructing protection devices, protection from ultra violet rays that destroy furniture, flooring, paint and other valuables inside homes and properties.

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