Impact Windows South Florida

Impact windows South Florida are designed to keep you safe and maintain your open environment. No shutters, no covers needed.


You love the view. You love the light. You want maximum protection without sacrificing the airy, open environment in your home – even during those dreaded harsh weather conditions.

Because your home is your investment, you would want to preserve its beauty as much as ensure its protection from unwanted elements that threaten to destroy your precious property including unpredictable natural disasters such as strong malevolent storms and hurricanes.

Installing impact windows Florida to protect your investment, your precious home, is the best decision you can ever make as a homeowner.

Florida Impact Windows: A clear choice without any compromise


Impact windows Florida need no exterior shutters or coverings to block any kind of lighting that you want to filter through to keep your home well lit the natural way. It also does not obstruct any scenery outside your home that you wish to either enjoy or monitor.And during harsh weather conditions, you will still have visibility and plenty of natural light that may be helpful especially during a storm.

And what’s more important, you will have the peace of mind you deserve knowing that you have utmost security – because every window we install is manufactured to the highest standard for safety and protection.

At Guard Impact Window & Door, our commitment to a precise fit and expert installation are your assurance that your impact windows South Florida will meet and exceed all standards and expectations in circumstances including hurricanes and other unnecessary and unwanted intrusions such as burglary.

Impact Windows Florida: Beauty with other benefits

Guard’s impact windows Florida are designed and manufactured to offer you even more than safety with an unobstructed view.

Our impact windows South Florida bring you additional benefits that help you and your family enjoy the security and protection they bring especially during hurricanes. They also present other opportunities that you may take advantage of primarily on reducing your energy consumption.

  • Our impact windows help in conserving energy and save you money. You will also enjoy watching your energy bill lower over time. Our experienced installers and installation techniques eliminate air infiltration and minimize heat transfer between the interior and exterior of your home. Guard impact windows and doors come in different varieties of glass thicknesses, insulated glass and Low Emissivity options to maximize thermal efficiency.
  • You can choose from a variety of features like raised muttons, painted finishes, custom colors and wide selection of glass and hardware options that can add to the beauty of your home or condominium.
  • Our laminated glass reduces 99% of the harmful UV rays that can fade or tarnish delicate art, upholsteries, carpet and other valuables.
  • Our impact windows South Florida  achieve significant sound reduction from outside which may be helpful during violent storms
  • With a PVB interlayer sealed between the two layers of glass on our impact windows, the possibility of illegal entry becomes almost impossible as the glass will shatter upon impact but will remain firmly in place.