Shape Windows

Everything You Need to Know About Shape Windows

When the idea of a traditional square or rectangular window becomes boring, there is always the option to get a shape window installed at your home. Even if you want to install a window in an area where a rectangular shape doesn’t fit or it would look awkward, a shape window is perfect. To add extra curb appeal and originality to your home, shape windows are an excellent addition.

Shape windows at Guard Windows and Doors of Florida are available in several different shapes, including triangular, trapezoidal, or octagonal. Although the different shapes may look fancy, there is no sacrifice that has to be made when it comes to energy efficiency. Shape windows work just as well as any other window for insulation and light source. Typically, shape windows act like picture windows in that they are stationary and they cannot be opened or closed.

How do Shape Windows Function?

Getting a shape window installed properly is extremely important in order to achieve the desired look you have in mind. With the extra angles and the varying sizes of the windows, the manufacturing and installation processes need to be done with precision and care. Our team of installation experts at Guard Windows and Doors of Florida is trained and experienced working with all kinds of different shape windows so when you choose Guard Windows and Doors of Florida to install and provide your desired shape windows, you are getting the best window service offered in the area.

Benefits of Using Shape Windows

All our windows are made from quality PGT windows with glass that can withstand a great amount of force. If you are interested in getting, even more, strength out of your windows, we have hurricane windows and impact windows available as shape windows. In Florida where hurricanes are plentiful, hurricane windows are a great addition to your home where you want to keep yourself and your family safe.

These are also good options for your business where you have a considerable amount of property to take care of. Also, impact windows are good at providing protection against random forces that could come into contact with your shape windows, like burglars attempting to break in or a stray baseball flying over from the neighbor’s yard.

What We Offer

When you need shape windows installed, Guard Windows and Doors of Florida is the windows and door company to trust. Each of our shape windows is manufactured using the highest quality PVC and PGT windows. We also offer these windows as hurricane windows or impact windows which can supply you with some added protection against harsh Florida storms and other accidents, keeping the chance of shattered or cracked windows at a minimum. Paired with the shape framing, hurricane windows and impact windows have an unbeatable quality.

Call Us Today

Feel free to call us at Guard Windows and Doors of Florida for a free quote regarding your envisioned shape windows. One of our team members of windows and door installation experts would be more than happy to assist you. We are vastly knowledgeable in the area of all kinds of windows so we guarantee to have the answers to your questions.

You can feel comfortable and confident choosing Guard Windows and Doors of Florida to install your shape windows because we can prove to you that there is no better windows and door company to do work with. Only Guard Windows and Doors in Florida can promise you quality and affordability with every shape window project. So don’t hesitate to make Guard Windows and Doors of Florida your chosen windows and door company, we promise we won’t let you down.