SIW Windows – Security Impact Windows

One of the great differentiators for our manufacturer-partner, SIW Windows, is their customers’ unanimous positive testimonials.

SIW Windows has been repeatedly recommended by businesses and individual customers in different locations in Florida through lengthy and optimistic testimonials describing the company’s great customer service, excellent staff, and highly functional and reliable products.

The superior products of SIW Windows –a variety of  hurricane impact resistant windows and doors – are lauded and appreciated by impressed businesses and homeowners alike for the utmost protection and functionality they provide and the elegant designs they come in.

But more significantly, the customers of SIW Windows exhibit gratitude, appreciation and respect for the company’s professional, meticulous, attentive, punctual and overseeing staff, referred on a testimonial by one of their customers as “hands on people who care”.

Their staff is thorough, friendly, and will guide and involve their customers all throughout the process – from choosing the right windows or doors for their homes and business establishments all the way to the completion of the installation.

About SIW Windows

SIW Windows is a leading hurricane protection system company based in Delray Beach, Florida that manufactures and installs hurricane impact resistant windows and doors.  They are experts in the industry, providing protection and safety to their valued customers – individual homeowners and businesses in Florida – from massive impact brought about by violent hurricanes and tornadoes regularly visiting the coastal regions of Florida.

And on certain unfortunate occasions, SIW’s hurricane impact doors and windows also provide protection from home invasion and burglary.

SIW’s ultimate goal is to provide the most reliable hurricane protection system consisting of hurricane impact resistant windows and doors that will shield their customers – largely located in the hurricane prone coastal regions of Florida – from potential extensive damages that their homes and property may sustain in the event of a major catastrophic storm.

The company offers a free estimate to new and potential customers who want to obtain a quote from their staff.  At the same time, their existing customers enjoy the benefit of a trained expert checking their newly installed windows for any performance issues at the customer’s request.

SIW offers superior products – hurricane impact resistant doors and windows – that include:

Single Hung Windows, Rolling Windows, French Doors, Fixed and Architectural, Decorative and Entry Doors, Casement and Protect Out Windows, Ornamental Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Pivot Doors, and Bi-Fold Doors.

Significantly, their sliding doors and decorative doors do not require shutters to function so they can blend well with the architectural design of the home or business property, ensuring the intended look and appearance are intact and uncompromised.

All their products meet the most stringent standards set by the industry and are guaranteed to provide the needed protection for a home or a business establishment as they have been manufactured, built and designed for.

SIW Windows has offices located in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach aside from Del Ray Beach but they cater to the residents and businesses of the surrounding areas.