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Godfrey H., Boynton Beach, Florida

Before we discuss impact windows Boynton Beach residents should invest in, let’s talk a bit about Boynton Beach itself. Since the 1890s, the warm, fertile, beautiful region of Boynton Beach has attracted farmers, tourists, and those who just want to settle down in gorgeous Palm Beach County. From the eclectic and educational enrichment of the Art in Public Places program to Boynton Beach’s valuable historical preservation efforts, this thriving city has so much to offer.

Boynton Beach is also a fine stop for shopping and entertainment. The Boynton Beach Mall, though it admittedly has seen better days, still stands with a wide variety of shops and department stores that appeal to men and women of all ages. The popular Cinemark Boynton Beach Theater, with its XD auditoriums, is seemingly always packed with enthusiastic movie-goers checking out the latest releases.

But like many other appealing towns and cities in southeastern Florida, Boynton Beach properties are susceptible to damage from tropical storms and hurricanes.  For those who choose to live here, special considerations must be made to address this.

Impact Windows: Protecting Your Boynton Beach Property

Guard Impact Window and Door is Boynton Beach’s leading provider of impact windows and doors, as well as other solutions to help you protect your property from the forces of nature.  Impact windows have numerous benefits:

• Let there be light!

One of the worst parts of weathering a hurricane or storm at home is having the power go out.  If your home is secured with shutters, you’re not just keeping out the wind and the rain, you’re locking out sunlight as well. Impact windows Boynton Beach residents have, on the other hand, let light in because they don’t require an additional covering for protection. Not only does this mean you don’t have to expend precious batteries or generator time during the day, it’s also simply nice psychologically to feel less confined. Sure, if the power goes out, you could just walk around the aforementioned Boynton Beach Mall all day, but you’d probably be happier and ultimately more comfortable at home.

• If a hurricane can’t break in, a thief will have a tough time of it, too.

Hurricane windows Boynton Beach installers are using are tested using specialized cannons that fire blocks of wood at them at hurricane wind speeds.  They use the very latest innovative technology to protect your home from the damage that flying debris can cause… which means they also help to protect your home from intruders.  After all, if a two by four shot from a cannon can’t breach your defenses, how much luck is a common criminal going to have trying to get past impact doors Boynton Beach property owners install for security? The reality is that Boynton Beach does have a high crime rate. Protecting your home with impact windows is a smart investment.

• 24/7/365 protection

Even with unlimited time and resources, securing your home before a storm can be challenging and unlimited time and resources aren’t something most people have. If you aren’t on site, or if you don’t have someone to help you with hurricane shutters, it’s even more of a hassle.  Having hurricane windows Boynton Beach homeowners trust means that one of the most important parts of securing your home from the storm is already done.  You don’t need to call anyone for help. You don’t even need to be there yourself!

Secure Your Home with Guard

Impact windows in Boynton Beach can bring you peace of mind when hurricane season comes, but it’s also important to choose a reliable, reputable installer.  Guard Impact Window and Door is the top installer in the Boynton Beach area. Our technicians receive exhaustive training to be sure that your home is in good hands.  When you need to trust in your home’s safety during a storm, choose Guard!

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