Garden Windows

Garden Windows

Everything You Need to Know About Garden Windows in Florida

In Florida where sunshine is more than plentiful, there is no better place to grow plants. In an area as beautiful as ours, we have the opportunity to decorate our homes with gorgeous plants that can be highlighted by the natural sunlight, making our homes look even more vibrant and peaceful. Garden windows are the perfect way to get the best look out of indoor plants, as they offer a greenhouse-like atmosphere for the plants to flourish in.

Also, these are great windows for growing spices and other consumable plants for making fresh recipes in your kitchen. Garden windows are similar to bow and bay windows in design, except they are much smaller and have window panes on all sides of the protruding area except for the bottom side. This allows more light to enter the area, helping keep your plants alive and thriving.

Like all our other windows at Guard Windows and Doors of Florida, our garden windows are made from high-quality glass from PGT windows and the strongest, most durable vinyl material for the window frames. All windows shut air-tight to keep moisture and bugs out and keep your cool home temperatures in. The individual windows can open to allow optimal ventilation during the times of year it is comfortable to have the windows open.

The windows on garden windows open smoothly and easily, so you never have to worry about accidentally knocking over the plants you have displayed. The materials we use to build the garden windows are proven to withstand corrosion and wearing away, keeping the window working perfectly over the coming years. Guard Windows and Doors of Florida also offers an optional shelf addition to the garden window if you choose to have one installed.

Why Use Garden Windows?

Garden windows are a beautiful addition to your home, whether you want it in your kitchen for easy access or the living room for added appeal for you and your guests to enjoy. Like all the other windows we offer at Guard Windows and Doors of Florida, the windows are available to be hurricane windows or impact windows, which are always great options to have in Florida where hurricanes happen frequently. All windows are made to be affordable while our windows remain the highest quality windows in the area.

What We Offer

When you want to get a garden window or multiple garden windows installed at your home, there is no better place to get them from than Guard Windows and Doors of Florida. Our windows and door installation experts are more than qualified to install a study, beautiful garden window wherever you want it to be. You will love having a garden window in your home once you see how much more lively the environment can become by adding plants and extra sunlight to the area.

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