Hurricane Protection South Florida

Guard Impact Window & Door specializes in hurricane protection South Florida that stand up to the weather, and to unwanted intruders.


You have decided to settle in the beautiful state of Florida, to live close to its crystal beaches and magnificent oceans, bask in its celebrated sunshine and enjoy its picturesque sceneries.

But we all know living in the sunny state of Florida comes with a price.

Hurricanes are a fact of life here. And you’ve seen the damage they can do. From mid-August to mid-November each year, during the much dreaded hurricane season, the potential for damage is at its peak and your home and property are most vulnerable to any form of destruction that even the meekest of such destructive natural forces can bring. All of this necessitates hurricane protection in the form of hurricane windows Florida.

Hurricane Impact Windows South Florida

Although we are best known for our Florida hurricane windows, Guard’s hurricane protection South Florida — accordion shutters, roll down shutters, clear panel systems, and wind abatement hurricane screens – all stand up to the malevolent, destructive nature of these storms.

But storms are not the only form of unwanted entry that may bring damage to your home or property. Burglaries, forced entries and other unwanted intrusions are also a concern.

But have no worries.

We are committed to giving you protection from them as well with our high security hurricane windows Florida.

Strength and safety start with quality products and installation.

When it comes to hurricane protection South Florida, Guard Impact Window & Door products are all manufactured and installed under the most stringent guidelines in the industry and to the exact specifications for each opening. That exact fit and our expertise in installation ensure the hurricane shutter will perform to the highest standards under the most threatening conditions to provide year round protection against hurricanes and intruders. Our shutter systems offer maximum security and storm protection at lower cost than hurricane impact window –and an exterior keyed lock or an optional interior lock and additional locking pins create a five point locking system for the highest level of security.

Beauty, convenience, and full compliance

Safety and protection do not equate to compromising beauty.

We believe your home and property deserve the look that you prefer and you do not have to alter or change your preferences just to get them protected and safe from hurricanes or intruders.

Guard products are custom fabricated and finished with a quality coating available in several attractive colors to enhance the appearance of your home, but the beauty is more than skin deep. Our hurricane shutters meet or exceed the standards set by the Southern Standard Building Code (SBCCI) and the Metro Dade South Florida Building Code and are recognized by insurance companies as Class A protection.

And that classification entitles homeowners to a reduction of up to 40% in premium discounts. You may check with your insurance company for details.

Easy to afford, easy to maintain.

When you install Guard hurricane protection South Florida, you not only save money over installing hurricane impact windows South Florida; you also add significant value to your home or business. And while our Florida hurricane windows require little to no regular care, Guard does offer an annual maintenance program to our customers. Need hurricane impact windows South Florida? Contact us for details and cost.