Impact Windows Jupiter

I urged my husband to consider impact windows for what seemed like the longest time, and he eventually gave in. Daniel did some research on the internet, and we both agreed that Storm Guard impact windows Jupiter was the best fit for what we were looking for. I’m so glad we took the time to find the right company, because it really paid off. Our windows are stunning and do a wonderful job of reducing outside noise, in addition to other benefits like reducing our energy bill and not requiring any additional setup of hurricane shutters during hurricane season.
It’s a phenomenal investment, and we have Storm Guard to thank.

Alexandra L., Jupiter, FL

Jupiter, Florida is one of the country’s happiest coastal towns—just ask the folks at Coastal Living, who ranked it as #9 in the nation! Jupiter’s easy-going nature, beautiful beaches, inlets, and natural uniqueness all make it something special. It’s also one of the rare loggerhead turtle’s favorite places on the planet! This quiet, low-key, yet beautiful and luxury-oriented town is one of the few that really deserves to be called a paradise

Of course, Floridians know that the peacefulness of their coastal paradises is sometimes interrupted by weather that’s anything but peaceful.  Hurricanes and storms, high winds, flying debris—all of these things are a fact of life, from time to time. Guard Impact Window and Door installs the high-quality impact windows Jupiter and Jupiter Farms residents have come to rely on when there are hurricanes on the horizon.

Preparation, Protection, and Convenience

We work with each of our clients to determine the best combination of property protection solutions for their home or business, whether they choose impact windows in Jupiter or some other method. We have over fifty combined years of experience in the business of storm windows Jupiter citizens can trust.  We’d love to introduce you to the ultimate convenience offered by the impact doors and windows in Jupiter and Jupiter Farms residents have chosen. You don’t even have to go outside to secure your home’s exterior openings—your impact doors and impact windows are secure 24/7.

In some cases, accordion shutters are a better choice for securing your home, or for certain windows in your home. We offer easy to use accordion shutters that don’t require you to set aside extra storage, and with which most of our clients can secure their entire property in under an hour.  Whether you choose all impact glass windows in Jupiter, or a combination of impact windows and shutter systems, we’ll make sure you have storm protection you can rely on.

Guard: Experience and Dedication You Can Trust in Jupiter and Jupiter Farms

We’ve been in the business of protecting Florida’s coastal homes for decades, using impact-resistant windows in Jupiter and every other available, proven technology.  We choose only manufacturers who are known for their superior products, and we ensure that each and every one of our technicians undergo thorough, rigorous training so that they install your home’s storm protection solutions efficiently and effectively.

We stand by our work because we know we’re the best—we have to be, because we value our clients’ homes, property, and safety.  Why settle for second best when the next hurricane could be worse than the last?

Contact us today.  We’ll be happy to consult with you and examine the factors influencing your property’s storm-proofing, so that we can come up with the best possible solution for you.