Impact Doors

Our impact doors are manufactured to the highest standards and installed to provide the maximum standard in strength, security, and energy efficiency.


Your glass doors are the gateway to your home. That’s your first line of defense from unwanted entries and intrusions. At the same time, your glass doors act as your very own concierge that greet your guests, the same doors that will give them that special first impression and the first taste of what to expect when they step inside your home.

Appearance, safety, and security are essential in a home. Guard Impact Window & Door offers all that and more, with high quality impact doors South Florida.

An open and shut case for Impact doors

Our high quality impact doors South Florida – just like our high quality impact windows — provide storm protection without the need for exterior shutters or coverings, so you still have that much needed visibility during a storm and plenty of natural light coming into your home.

And even without the harsh conditions outside, you will still be able to enjoy the open view from both inside and outside – especially if you want to enjoy the scenery or a favorite view or even just to monitor what’s going on within and outside your home.

And then, there’s that natural light that may trickle through the glass, giving your home that extra lift and vibrancy that make it more enjoyable to live in.

Manufactured to the most exacting standards and guidelines set by the industry for safety and protection, and installed under the most stringent industry requirements, your impact door is guaranteed to have passed the highest quality measures and will provide you year round convenience and protection against hurricanes and intruders.

After all, you have invested in your home and you deserve only the highest quality products and services to ensure its maintenance and protection.

Lock in a variety of features…

Guard doors are designed, manufactured, and installed by our team of experts to provide you the best impact doors in the industry.

Along with our high standard of quality, impact doors South Florida comes a wide range of important benefits that will give you guaranteed protection and that well-deserved peace of mind day in and day out, hurricane season or not.

  • Crimes involving burglaries and other forced entries are a reality that we have to deal with every day. It’s a possibility that can happen anywhere and anytime. As a homeowner, your concern about the security of your home is at the top of your list. Guard understands that concern. During break-ins including burglary and other forced entries, we have ensured your protection by making sure our standard 3 point locking system will prevent illegal entry to your home. With our technology, anyone forcing themselves into your precious haven to do the unthinkable will be almost impossible.
  • We also offer decorative glass options and fiberglass door systems that will enable you to customize an entry that will enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home. You don’t need to compromise the appearance of your home while keeping it safe and intact.