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With the intensity of storms that can hit the state of Florida, having high quality impact resistant windows and doors is crucial. Not only do these elements protect your property from damage, they also help prevent injury that can occur if glass were to shatter inward. By choosing Assura Windows and Doors for your home, you gain the benefit of Assura’s long standing reputation for quality and protection. By having complete the installation of your Assura Windows, you know that you are working with a company that has more than fifty years of experience in the area.

Windows and Doors is an experienced window and door installer serving Palm Beach, Dade, and Broward counties. Our customers are our top priority, and we work hard to deliver exceptional service and the very best products to our customers.

Assura Windows and Doors are one of the best product lines on the market for both impact and non-impact resistant glass. As a merger between TM and AWP Windows, Assura is already making a name for itself in terms of high quality products.

About AWP Windows and TM Windows

AWP Windows offers a variety of products, including aluminum and vinyl impact and non-impact windows, and aluminum impact and non-impact doors. Offering fixed windows, single hung windows, casements, and more, these windows will fit every use in your home. Impact windows in particular are very important to many Florida homeowners since they are rated to withstand high winds during tropical storms and hurricanes. Non-impact windows can be protected with aluminum shutters or other methods, but some homeowners prefer the simpler look of a plain window without the concern of having the window be unprotected and unsafe.

TM Windows provides a similar lineup of aluminum and vinyl windows along with decorative doors that beautify any home. The merger of these two companies into Assura means that customers looking for high quality windows and doors have another simple, reliable choice on the market.

In Florida, it is simply not safe to have glass windows and doors that aren’t protected in some way from the high wind of big storms. At Windows & Doors, we can help you find the best choices for your home and your budget, making sure that you get the service and support that you need. With the availability of Assura Windows, we can set you up with either impact resistant or standard windows and door, and offer other products to protect your windows.

Our installation and sales team has the experience necessary to make the right recommendations for your situation. We want to help you find exactly the right windows and doors to make your home safe, friendly, and enjoyable. Contact us today to learn more about how Assura Windows and Doors, installed by can be just what you need.

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