Accordion Shutters South Florida

Accordion shutters are some of the most effective, inexpensive, and desirable hurricane protection products available. Impact Window & Door provides you with the highest quality and most professionally installed accordion shutters Florida has to offer.

What are Accordion Shutters?

Accordion shutters come in a number of different styles. Generally speaking, they are one- or two-piece shutters which are affixed permanently to the side of your windows and doors on the exterior of your home.  Most of the time, they remain folded and secured, not covering your window. When a storm is projected, they are simple to unfold in order to cover the window or door.

Because they are designed to glide easily closed, securing the windows and doors of a home generally only requires one person. Some accordion shutter models are lockable with a key, which may appeal to home owners who would like their hurricane protection measures to double as a theft prevention strategy, as well.

Are All Accordion Shutters Created Equally?

No.  Many of the accordion shutters South Florida contractors are installing are subpar.  Each manufacturer’s accordion shutters are unique in some way. At we only use manufacturers whose accordion shutters represent the best in the business—the most protective technology, the most durable materials, and the most aesthetic final results.

What Advantages do Accordion Shutters Offer?

If you use a good brand of shutter, and experienced accordion shutters Boca Raton installers like there are numerous advantages to this style of window and door protection. Accordion shutters are one of the more inexpensive hurricane protection products.  They reduce the likelihood that you’ll need to replace damaged windows after a storm.  Modern accordion shutters are designed to be attractive and unobtrusive.

They don’t require you to set aside additional storage space, as they are “stored” on the windows themselves. Finally, accordion shutters are extremely easy to use. Most of our clients can secure dozens of windows and doors with their accordion shutters prior to a storm without undue physical exertion or a serious time commitment.

What are the Disadvantages of Accordion Shutters?

Colors for accordion shutters are generally fairly limited. They’re more expensive than storm panels (although less expensive than roll shutters). They don’t allow for the entrance of natural light during a storm either.

Are Accordion Shutters the Right Choice for My Home?

The importance of the right combination of hurricane and high wind protection products can’t be overstated.  Are accordion shutters Boca Raton residents’ only option, or the best option? It varies, depending on any number of factors, from the size and positioning of your windows and doors, to the appearance of your home, to your budget, and so on. Contact us today for a consultation. We make it a top priority to work with each and every one of our clients to provide them with the best hurricane and storm protection measures possible. The premier accordion shutters Fort Lauderdale that offers may indeed be the right fit for your home!