Impact Windows Palm Beach Island

Thank you for installing my new windows like true professionals. It was a big project, but your team managed everything very well, and the job was completed on time.
I appreciate a company that sticks to deadlines, and if I have need of a window contractor in the future, I will be calling on you again.

Don G., Palm Beach Island, Florida

Touted by some as the best place to live in the United States, and certainly near the top of the list by any metric, Palm Beach Island is the epitome of Floridian paradise.  Getting its start in the Gilded Age, this beautiful community has been both a full-time and seasonal home to high society since the late 19th century, and it remains a beloved vacation destination for people from all walks of life.

But beauty, culture, and wealth aren’t enough to repel Floridians’ arch nemesis: The hurricane.  Even glamorous Palm Beach must prepare itself against high winds, wind-blown debris, and other storm threats. That’s what Guard Impact Window & Door’s team is here to do.

24/7 Home and Property Protection

Guard provides impact windows and doors Palm Beach Island residents can trust. Impact resistant windows in Palm Beach Island have a number of unique benefits.

Shorter Preparation Time

Many storm windows Palm Beach Island residents choose require an additional external covering, in the form of storm panels or shutters. Not so with impact glass windows in Palm Beach Island. This cuts down on preparing for storms significantly.

Natural Light

Florida natives know that it can be eerily dark in a home once the storm panels and shutters have been closed—and that darkness becomes much more oppressive if the power goes out. Impact windows Palm Beach Island homes feature, however, allow you to enjoy daylight, even during the storm.

Theft Prevention

It’s not only flying debris that our impact doors and windows can help keep out of your home. They’re also great for deterring thieves.  While the glass may shatter, the strong inner membrane that makes our impact resistant glass windows of Palm Beach Island safe during storms also keeps out intruders.

Other Protection Solutions

Guard knows that impact windows and impact doors Island aren’t always the complete solution for all homes. We also offer a variety of other hurricane windows Palm Beach Island protection solutions.

For example, accordion shutters, permanently affixed to the outside of the home, and very unobtrusive when not being used, also don’t require extra storage space. Securing an entire home with pre-installed accordion shutters in Palm Beach Island before a storm takes only a few minutes, and typically can be accomplished by one single person.

Choose an Experienced Contractor and Installer

Not all impact windows or window contractors are created equally. We have decades of experience installing effective storm protection solutions in residential and commercial properties of all kinds. Guard prioritizes our clients’ and their properties’ safety by using only the highest quality products from the best and most reliable manufacturers, and by extensively training our technicians and customer service agents.

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help you weather even the worst weather.