Armor Screen Florida

We know how important your home and your business property are to you and that’s the reason why we have partnered with one of the best and most trusted manufacturers of hurricane protection systems in the industry, Armor Screen Florida.
Armor Screen Florida understands the importance of design and safety and how they go hand in hand in the meticulous and efficient construction of beautiful and sturdy homes, residential and commercial buildings, as well as the installation of reliable hurricane protection systems to keep them safe and protected.

Their top notch products, innovative technology and expert services are sought by leading architects and engineers in the industry as well as satisfied homeowners and businesses.

Armor Screen West Palm Beach upholds the highest standards in both aesthetics and toughness.

Their hurricane protection systems blend well with the intended architectural design of homes and businesses – ensuring that they get the maximum
protection that they need without having to compromise or dampen their appearance.

And if their products are caught in the path of a raging hurricane, the strength of their windows and doors are able to contain the uncontrollable fury of nature, faithfully shielding their customers’ homes and businesses from getting damaged.

Armor Screen Florida has a variety of superior products to choose from, designed to serve the needs and preferences of their individual customers.

One of the most appealing features of their hurricane products, attracting and enticing customers, is their endearing and functional openness. The customers of Armor Screen West Palm Beach delight in the fact that they did not have to be kept in the dark during storms after installing the company’s hurricane protection systems in their homes and property. They could actually see what’s going on outside, which can be a huge tension-reliever and a source of peace of mind.

Established in 1998, Armor Screen West Palm Beach has already witnessed and survived many hurricanes – some of them classified as Category 5 – and have proven to the industry and their customers all over the world that their products can withstand even the most dangerous cyclone.

In fact, even multiple blasts from numerous powerful missiles don’t stand a chance against their hurricane protection systems.

Their products undergo the most rigorous tests based on the most stringent industry standards and have always passed with flying colors.
They have extensive experience under their belt having successfully partnered with businesses and organizations all over the world in installing hurricane protection systems in crucial events and establishments such as major sporting tournaments and high-profile facilities such as hurricane and storm shelters.

Their products are exclusively manufactured in the United States, only using quality components and parts and the most advanced installation and manufacturing technologies in the industry.

Their team of experts is highly trained in manufacturing and installation.

At the same time, they continue to conduct research in order to come up with the most advanced products, equipment and technology, not only to facilitate effective and hurricane-proof protection systems, but also to aid in their products’ additional and beneficial features such as weather and temperature control, air conditioning and sun protection.