Q: Can I get an estimate from Guard Impact Window & Door?

A: Absolutely, and we’ll make it easy. Just call us at 561.594.1540 or complete our online form and we will make arrangements at your convenience to schedule an appointment. Guard will meet with you in your home and bring samples, examine your existing windows and doors, and present a variety of options you have available. You determine what product you would like, and we’ll provide you with a written estimate.

Q: What if I just want to buy windows or doors from Guard and install them myself?

A: You can do that, but we don’t advise it. Guards’ products are all custom manufactured to fit your specifications and we can sell them to you directly. But if you install them yourself, that voids the product warranty and you’ll have to pay sales tax. Our warranty has real value for your protection, and the minimal additional cost to have our professional technicians install your products is well worth it.

Q: How can I tell what’s a good window and what’s not?

A: You want windows and doors that meet building code approvals, design pressure, glass criteria, installation techniques, and warranty. Make sure the windows you’re buying meet this criteria.

Q: Are Guard’s products less expensive than other national brands?

A: We are not the cheapest; neither are we the most expensive. You’ll find we are competitively priced in the market. Your decision shouldn’t be made on price alone, however…think value. We believe we offer the best value by giving you the highest quality products professionally installed with the most comprehensive warranty in the marketplace.

Q: Why is it that when I compared prices, Guard seemed to be more expensive than some others?

A: That’s the old “oranges to apples” comparison. Companies that buy standard size products instead of custom and do not do the complete finish work will appear to be less expensive than Guard. If you compare us to other companies that do a complete job, are fully insured, have qualified installation staff and comparable product warranties, you’ll find our prices are pretty often actually lower than the competition. This industry is no different than any other, it costs a little more to obtain a superior experience where all expectations are met or exceeded.

Q: How can I know the products I’m looking at have proper code approvals?

A: That’s a really important question, because all code approvals are not identical. Code approvals are based on several different factors, including property location, different products, and product use. When comparing code approvals, make sure all products are specifically approved for impact by a reputable governing agency such as Miami-Dade County.

Q: Do I need to have a building permit?

A: Absolutely. Never enter into an agreement to have products installed without a building permit being issued.

Q: How do I get a permit?

A: At Guard, we’ll take care of the permitting for you. Basically, the process is that once a contract is signed, the customer must also sign a permit application, which will be sent, along with the product approvals, to the city for approval. City approval is based on the proper products being specified for the location of your property. After the city has reviewed and approved the application, a permit will be issued for your property. The permit must be posted on your job site before work begins. Upon completion of the installation, the municipality is notified and a final inspection will take place. A Guard representative will meet the city inspector onsite to review the job. Once the city inspector approves the job, the permit will be closed.

Q: After the installation, will my home security system still work?

A: During the window and door installation, we’ll have to detach the security system from the window frame. We will leave the wires exposed, but your alarm company will need to re-attach and reactivate your security system.

Q: What’s the story on a reduction in my home insurance premium with hurricane protection products?

A: Almost all insurance companies provide a premium reduction when you install hurricane protection products. Ask your insurance company for a Storm Mitigation Application. This form must be completed by an approved professional. After the product is installed and the application completed and submitted, you are usually entitled to a discount on your insurance.