CGI Impact Windows and Doors

From hurricanes to tropical storms, the weather in Florida can get very intense. Every homeowner knows the terrible feeling of hearing something smash through your glass door or window. It’s not just the fear of having the glass shatter; the property damage that can result during a powerful storm is expensive and frustrating. By choosing to install your CGI Impact Windows and Doors in Florida, you gain the reassurance that comes from having a trained installation professional take care of these vulnerable points in your home. Serving Palm Beach, Dade, and Broward counties, we have been installing windows and doors in homes and vacation locations for years.

Benefits of CGI Impact Windows and Doors

There are many benefits to choosing CGI Impact Doors and Windows for your home. CGI Windows and Doors are unparalleled in their performance, appearance, and overall quality. Windows and doors from CGI have undergone rigorous testing to meet the most stringent impact testing. Single Hung windows, sliding glass doors, and French Doors can all be manufactured up to 10 feet tall, giving customers a wide variety of options to fit their homes. CGI Windows and Doors meet incredible PSF, or pounds per square foot, loads, meaning that they can withstand powerful winds and weather.

Some manufacturers suggest that their products are impact resistant when tests show that they might fail under stress. This can happen when manufacturers put impact resistant glass into a frame that is not impact resistant, or when products are approved at a certain size are then scaled up past the size at which they were tested.

A properly crafted impact resistant door or window has a strong, durable frame, impact resistant glass, and also has a strong and durable method of attaching the frame to the structure of the building. Without these three key pieces, the door or window could fail during a storm, and cause injury and property damage.

Many property owners use shutters instead of impact resistant glass, but there are many reasons this choice might not be ideal. For example, if you do not live in your home year round, you would need to have someone put the shutters in place. Shutters can be unwieldy and difficult to put in place. Roll down and accordion shutters are aesthetically displeasing. For many reasons, impact resistant windows and doors from CGI are a better choice for your own protection.

At Impact Window & Door, we have more than fifty years of experience providing our customers with protection from hurricane damage. Our mission is to deliver superior customer service and the very best products to protect our customers and their homes. Our sales staff is well trained in the intricacies of the products we offer, the process of design, and the details of installation. Contact us today to find out more about using to upgrade your home to CGI Impact Windows and Doors.

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