Impact Doors & Impact Windows Delray Beach

I’m always receiving compliments for my beautiful french doors. When it comes to projects like this, you always hope that the end result will match your vision, but I never imagined that my expectations would be exceeded. I’m in awe of Guard’s talents. Kudos!

Robert R., Delray Beach, FL

Impact windows in Delray Beach are becoming more commonplace, and it’s easy to see why. The coastal city of Delray Beach, Florida has had its share of hurricanes and strong storms, and every year, it relies largely on services and products for property protection including impact doors in Delray Beach.

Our company, Guard Impact Window & Door, understands Delray Beach and its residents’ needs for reliable protection of their homes and properties, as we have been serving Delray Beach for more than half a century already with our combined experience.  We are one of the biggest providers of impact windows in Delray Beach including installation and other related services.

Delray Beach: A Gem by the Atlantic Ocean

Delray Beach is a small tourist destination that sits by the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach County, Florida flanked by West Palm Beach and Boca Raton.  It has a small population of about 60,000 people yet it can accommodate thousands of tourists who flock to the city every year.

Delray Beach, considered one of Miami’s metropolitan areas, is dotted with charming shops, boutiques, art galleries, hotels, theaters and other commercial establishments to cater primarily to its tourist-guests who love to explore and experience what the city has to offer.

Its quaint charm attracts visitors who are mainly lured by the city’s crystal beaches and fine sand.

Unfortunately, Delray Beach is not hurricane-proof.  It experiences the raging wrath of nature through strong storms and hurricanes during hurricane season like the rest of the cities in Florida.

Impact Windows Delray Beach – Let Us Protect You

Fighting the damage to homes and properties caused by hurricanes is in our DNA.  That’s what Guard Impact Window & Door stands for – to help install quality impact doors in Delray Beach that will shield your homes and properties from natural calamities such as hurricanes and other unsolicited intrusions such as burglaries and break-ins.

Our impact windows of Delray Beach are built to withstand the greatest pressure so the glass used does not shatter upon impact.  They are fit perfectly by our most experienced, knowledgeable and trained craftsmen who only follow the highest industry standards to ensure the utmost safety of Delray Beach homes, properties and their owners who choose to employ our dependable products and superior services.

Since Delray Beach caters to tourists, particularly in the city’s beautiful downtown district, most residential and commercial establishments and other properties owned by local residents and businesses are beautifully designed to attract and entice tourists and travelers visiting the city.  Guard Impact Window & Door understands this artistic character, and so we made sure our impact windows for Delray Beach have a variety of designs to choose from in order for our Delray Beach customers to be able to select the best design that would match their needs.

But more than just aesthetics, our impact doors and impact windows have other benefits that our Delray Beach customers can enjoy including energy conservation, sound reduction, and the elimination of protective shutters or protective covers that would block light and obstruct
the view of the beautiful scenery outside.

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