Impact Windows Palm Beach & West Palm Beach

You guys really did a great job. The new windows look great. I’m very happy I found you online, and I really appreciate that you gave me a discount. Thanks so much for a job well done.

Rodney, L., West Palm Beach, Florida

Both residents and commercial establishment owners in the city of West Palm Beach have experienced hurricanes many times in the past and impact windows in West Palm Beach have been instrumental in providing their homes and properties guaranteed protection during the worst possible storm conditions. When you realize how much safer your property is with impact windows of Palm Beach installed, you will never want to be without them again.

Having more than 50 years of time-tested experience and expertise in the installation of impact windows has helped our company, Guard Impact Window & Door, provide much needed home and property protection for the city of West Palm Beach. Our name is virtually synonymous with impact windows in Palm Beach County.

West Palm Beach: A Dynamic City

A high population city in Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach is home to more than 100,000 residents who generally inhabit the city’s highly urbanized areas.

The tropical city with a standard temperature of about 64F throughout the year is perhaps best known for hosting SunFest, an annual music festival that showcases top musicians with an average attendance of a whopping 275,000 music enthusiasts every year.

West Palm Beach is famous for its golf courses, parks, recreation areas, operas, theaters, and flourishing real estate.

It is also, unfortunately, one of the many cities in Florida that has to brace for the impact of hurricanes that inevitably come by to wreak havoc in some of its vulnerable areas.

Protecting West Palm Beach from Hurricanes

While natural calamities such as hurricanes are difficult to wage war with because of their malevolent nature, we can protect our homes and properties by being prepared for these natural disasters.

Installing impact windows in homes and other properties way ahead of the storm has helped many West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County residents shield their precious belongings from the raging forces of nature in the form of high winds, blasting rains and debris.

Our staff at Guard Impact Window & Door has been providing that much needed preparation and protection from hurricanes to West Palm Beach residents and property owners for more than half a century through our dependable impact windows and our expert installation services.

We only use the highest quality hardware for our products and abide by the strictest installation guidelines and industry standards to help our West Palm Beach customers achieve the highest form of protection especially through the use of impact doors in Palm Beach.

Impact Doors Palm Beach

Our impact windows do not need to be covered to block the much needed lighting and much desired external sceneries necessary in beautifying a home or commercial property.  Our glass, installed and perfectly fit within our impact doors, is tough enough on its own to sustain high pressure and impact from external forces threatening to intrude property including hurricanes and burglary.

Our expert impact windows installation techniques allow protection from UV rays that ultimately cause deterioration in your furniture, upholstery and other valuables inside your homes and property.   It also facilitates energy conservation, efficient thermal management and minimizing external noise which is helpful especially during storms.

If you live in West Palm Beach and / or Palm Beach County, you need impact windows to protect your homes from hurricanes and unwanted break-ins.  Give yourself that much needed peace of mind.

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