Hurricane Impact Windows Broward

The entire window installation process went so smoothly, and I could not be more satisfied with the windows now decorating my home. Guard is the real deal.
Pauline P., Broward County, FL

Installing impact windows in Broward County is something the area’s nearly 2 million residents are choosing more and more, as the need for sufficient protection from the infamous Florida hurricanes that lambast the state during active hurricane seasons is ever present. Indeed, installing hurricane impact windows in Broward may be the wisest investment its residents can ever make.

Broward Impact Windows

Guard Impact Window & Door has been helping the state of Florida, including the populous county of Broward, for more than 50 years in protecting the homes of residents and other properties in the area by providing quality materials and excellent services.

Our mission is to help our Broward County customers in seamlessly and expertly installing Broward impact windows, so they can fight the destructive and unpredictable weather conditions hurricanes may bring with some peace of mind.  Our expert installation of hurricane impact windows in Broward is a guaranteed way of ensuring the safety of Broward County homes and properties from hurricanes.

Broward County: Holds the second largest population in Florida

Broward County is huge, being the most populated county in the state of Florida and ranks at number 18 with the highest population in the United States.  It also has the sixth biggest school district and one of the largest public libraries in the entire United States.

Fort Lauderdale is Broward County’s seat.

It is famous, of course, for its scenic and crystal beaches, restaurants, bars, retail stores, as well as flea markets including the Festival Flea Market Mall in Pompano Beach, which is hailed as the largest indoor flea market in the United States.

Impact Doors Broward County

Protecting a large, highly populated county such as Broward County from hurricanes is a challenge, but our staff at Guard Impact Window & Door, consisting of teams of experts in the installation of hurricane impact windows in Broward, have been successful in assisting the residents of Broward County for more than half a century already.

We have the manpower to do such a monumental task and the quality tools to get the job done right and without any hassle to our Broward County customers.

Our team of installation experts will ensure a perfect fit with our impact windows in Broward to prevent leaks and other installation issues that may come up later on if the process was not done the right way.

Our tools are excellent, having passed the strictest industry standards, and are guaranteed to withstand the pressure from even the strongest categorized hurricanes.

Additional benefits of using impact windows Broward

But other than hurricanes, our Broward impact windows will protect our customers from unwanted and forced entries to their homes and properties, especially from burglars, thereby preventing unnecessary damages and theft.

Our customers’ homes and properties will still enjoy the interior and exterior look as desired as our hurricane impact windows of Broward do not need to be covered to obstruct views and lighting.

Harmful ultra violet rays will also be filtered from destroying the insides of homes and properties including upholstery, furniture and other valuable
pieces that our Broward County customers would definitely want preserved and intact.

Energy conservation, thermal efficiency and external sound reduction are just the many added benefits of using our Broward impact windows.


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