PGT Windows Florida

One of our partner-manufacturers in providing hurricane protection systems is PGT, a leading provider and manufacturer of impact-resistant PGT windows Florida, which also provides impact-resistant segment doors that are primarily catered to the needs and preferences of their valued residential consumers.

Their top rated, superior impact resistant products are distributed and sold not just in the United States but in different locations across the world.

Established in 1980 in Venice, Florida, PGT are the pioneers of impact-resistant PGT windows and doors in the United States and have become the leader in the industry since 1992, the same year the powerful Hurricane Andrew ravaged the state of Florida.

One of their best products, the WinGuard® line, has been successfully providing hurricane protection for years with no reports of unsuccessful impact resistance especially during powerful and violent storms.  PGT has already installed over 3 million of these top rated products.

PGT is the first company to have developed aluminum impact resistant PGT windows Miami and all over Florida, including doors for the residential market which has the approval of the Miami-Dade Building Product Control.

PGT windows Florida have been trusted products among homeowners relying on the company’s expertise and technological advancement in providing protection and safety for their families, loved ones, homes and property.

PGT offers a line of products – aside from PGT windows Florida – as listed below.

Eze-Breeze® Sliding Panels are also one of their preferred line of products which is another option for consumers who want to use an alternative to glass products.

PGT’s high quality products – impact-resistant PGT windows Miami – are superior, having only the best components, and trusted in the industry.  Their staff is highly trained and composed of experts in the manufacturing and installation fields.

While the products of PGT Windows Miami in South Florida are celebrated as one of the most reliable protection solutions from the violent and destructive storms making landfall in Florida and in other hurricane-vulnerable areas across the world, their products are also valuable in preventing other means of unwanted intrusion to homes such as break-ins and burglaries.

Their impact-resistant windows and doors are designed to withstand pressure from natural elements such as cyclones as well as intruders, to filter harmful ultra violet rays from damaging the interiors of homes, to minimize external noise, to conserve energy resulting in savings, and to blend well with the architectural design of the homes their products are installed in.

PGT is dedicated to protect its residential consumers with their products that are constantly being checked and enhanced to ensure that they comply with the most stringent industry standards.  Their staff is also trained in order to comply with the strictest requirements set by the industry in terms of manufacturing, handling, delivering, and installing the company’s impact resistant windows and doors to their residential customers.