Picture Windows

Although all our windows at Guard Windows and Doors of Florida are manufactured and installed to be energy efficient, there is no window more energy efficient than our picture windows. Picture windows are made and installed to be fixed in place, unable to open or close, so there are fewer ways for energy to leak through the window. This means that you can save more on your cooling costs which is a definite bonus here in sunny Florida where we have to use our air conditioning year round.

Also, picture windows can be shaped and designed in a variety of ways since you don’t need to worry about making it open or close in any direction. The lack of mechanical parts of a picture window also make it one of the easiest windows to maintain; you never have to buy new mechanical parts for it, you don’t have to worry about the window sticking, you just get to enjoy the considerable amount of sunlight coming in from the outside.

Each picture window is manufactured using the highest quality glass from PGT windows and the frames are made to hold securely in place. Because picture windows are made to be stationary, these windows are best placed in areas where ventilation is not important. For example, these windows work great in bathrooms and near sinks.


Picture windows, especially at Guard Windows and Doors of Florida, are typically more affordable than other types of windows. They area great option for areas where you want some extra light but you don’t want to pay too much to achieve it. Each of our picture windows is installed with ease and our picture window installation experts make sure to install them in a timely manner so you can begin to enjoy their light as quickly as possible.

Quality of Service

Like all other windows offered by Guard Windows and Doors of Florida, picture windows are offered in different options like hurricane windows and impact windows. With the frequency of heavy storms like hurricanes in Florida, it is a smart idea to protect your windows from potential objects being thrown through the glass. Windows can be the most vulnerable part of your home, so having hurricane windows or impact windows installed can give you and your family extra protection.

The Perfect Window

When you are ready for a free quote from Guard Windows and Doors of Florida regarding the installation of picture windows, give us a call. We are excited to give you any information you request and we are even more excited that you are interested in having us install the perfect picture windows in your home.

When you choose Guard Windows and Doors in Florida as your trusted windows and door installation company, you are allowing yourself to have the highest quality and most dependable picture windows in the area. The installation process will be quick, easy, and stress-free, so there is no reason to hesitate. Guard Windows and Doors of Florida can install your picture-perfect picture window today.


Lastly, service warranties and guarantees is another important thing to take note of. Purchasing products should not always be the end when doing business. With that, we are offering lifetime product, parts, and workmanship guarantees once you purchase our windows. You will also be getting effective intruder protection service as well as another lifetime repair guarantee for the glass or screen.

Again, explained above are four of the most important things to consider when replacing your windows – quality of materials, price, service quality and fulfillment, and service warranties and guarantees. We hope that you find the listed information helpful in making your decision for the replacement of your windows. Also, if you have any concerns with regards to our services, we’ll be glad to help. We are located all over South Florida. You may also feel free to contact us by giving us a call. Our team will be glad to assist you with whatever concern you may have.