Impact Windows Wellington

You already know how happy I am with the new windows, but I’m writing you anyway to express my gratitude. Your company has done a wonderful job. The installers worked very hard, they were always courteous, they cleaned up after themselves, and things like that don’t go unnoticed. Those extra steps show a customer that your company really cares, and it really is appreciated.
Thank you so much for everything.

Paula S., Wellington, Florida

Wellington, Florida, most often referred to as the Village of Wellington, is a cultural center, an equestrian hotspot, and most of all, “a great hometown.”  Wellington has also been rated on many “Top 100” lists, including Money Magazine’s “Top 100 Places to Live” repeatedly. In 2016, Wellington’s combination of upscale downtown, the wealth of natural beauty offered by its parks, sanctuaries and preservations, and its ever-increasing economic opportunities landed it on this highly sought after list once again. It’s no mystery why people love living in and visiting this beautiful town.

Of course, as Floridians know, it’s also located in one of the coastal areas of Florida most vulnerable to hurricanes and high winds. Being prepared to combat those storms is simply a way of life in Florida, and it’s a way of life we’ve devoted ourselves to supporting. Guard Impact Window and Door is dedicated to installing the impact windows Wellington residents count on to weather hurricane season.

Protecting Your Home, Beautifully and Conveniently

Impact windows and doors Wellington homeowners count on are more than just another way to protect their homes  in the event of a storm.  The impact doors and windows Wellington citizens have chosen from Guard are also attractive and offer conveniences that no other window protection product can.  They require no additional covering and no additional pre-storm prep.  While your neighbors are busy nailing up plywood, your home’s exterior openings will already be protected.  As an added bonus, impact resistant windows in Wellington are also a great theft deterrent!

In addition to being convenient, impact glass windows in Wellington have another advantage: Natural light.  Accordion shutters, another quality protection product we offer, have many advantages as well, but only impact windows and impact doors in Wellington allow you to reap the benefits of natural light during a storm, without venturing outside to uncover (and potentially have to re-cover) your windows.

Guard is dedicated to working with you to determine the best protection products or combinations thereof to protect your beloved home and loved ones in the event of a storm.

Why Choose Guard Impact Window and Door?

Guard Impact Window & Door has a combined half-century of experience in South Florida hurricane windows Wellington residents can count on. Our products are duly tested and certified, and our technicians are trained and experienced.  We know that the storm windows Wellington residents install to protect their homes aren’t there for “if” a storm hits—they’re there for when it hits.

We take our work very seriously, because we take the home and safety of our clients very seriously.  We sincerely hope that you will contact us so that we can discuss the many home protection options we have with you, to help you find the most efficient, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for keeping your property safe and intact in the event of a hurricane.

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