Impact Windows vs Accordion Shutters

You might find that impact windows and accordion shutters are both cost-effective, but there are a few benefits of impact glass that you might not have considered. What if you were out of town when a hurricane hit? With impact windows installed, you wouldn’t have to worry about rushing home to install your shutters. Your windows and doors already have top-notch protection 24/7 with impact glass. Florida impact windows don’t require any preparation – once they’re installed initially, they protect you at all times.

Another benefit of impact windows is how they can provide your home with natural light. It is not uncommon to lose power during a severe storm in South Florida. If you are sitting in a home that is shuttered, you can’t get an accurate view of the weather and you are in the dark. Impact windows keep you from sitting in the dark even when the storm is raging outside. So when weighing the pros and cons of impact windows vs. accordion shutters, it’s easy to see that impact windows offer more benefits that can help you.

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Impact Windows vs Accordion Shutters was last modified: June 21st, 2017 by StormGuard
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