Impact Window Testing

There are two types of impact tests for windows relevant to most county codes: small missile and large missile. The small missiles test exposes the window to a variety of gravel sizes, propelled at 80 feet per second. The large missiles test involves a nine pound 2”x4” fired at the window from a specialized cannon.

These impact tests determine whether the impact window will completely shatter under real-life conditions resembling these tests. If the window’s inner membrane maintains its integrity, the window passes the test. This allows the impact window to continue protecting the building’s interior from wind, water, and debris.

Additionally, wind pressure cycling tests, which expose the windows to rapid cycles of low and high pressure, demonstrate the window’s ability to stand up to the unpredictable wind conditions during a hurricane or severe storm.

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Impact Window Testing was last modified: December 27th, 2016 by StormGuard
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