How Long Does it Take to Install Impact Windows?

The time it takes to install impact windows will depend on your contractor’s expertise, the number of impact windows to be installed, and your house’s setup. If you hire someone for impact window installation, make sure the contractor is certified. Once the installation is scheduled, the process itself could take up to several days.

To help streamline and expedite the impact window installation process, we recommend looking into hiring a window contractor with a wealth of experience and positive reviews online. Take the time to research a company and choose one that has a substantial amount of customer feedback that indicates they are able to stick to deadlines and finish jobs promptly and effectively.

At StormGuard Impact Window & Door, we have experienced and certified contractors for your impact window installation needs. We invite you to check out our reviews online to see what our customers are saying about us. Also, for more info, check out our website or call us at 561.594.1540.

How Long Does it Take to Install Impact Windows? was last modified: November 16th, 2016 by StormGuard
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