Hurricane Impact Doors Miami

hurricane impact doors miamiWhy are hurricane impact doors Miami a necessity? Miami, the bustling city on the Atlantic Coast in South Florida with a huge population of more than 5 million is celebrated around the world for its majestic beaches and recreational havens including the famous cruises, yet when you look around the city of Miami, you will notice a trend in its residential and commercial property: Installed are high impact windows Miami homes and commercial property.

In 1926, Miami was hit by a violent hurricane killing more than 500 people who were unfortunately caught in areas that were ravaged by the killer storm’s raging winds, debris and water surges.

The storm’s damage was estimated at 78 million dollars but the amount of destruction it caused was unfathomable – especially to those who had lost their loved ones during the storm and those who were left homeless after the storm had passed.

Back then, before hurricane windows Miami were a thing, homes and property were not as properly secured making people and property caught in the hurricanes’ path very vulnerable to nature’s wrath.

Technology was not as sophisticated and the hurricane systems being used and implemented were not sturdy enough to stand against the seemingly overwhelming strength of even the weakest of hurricanes.

But Miami moved on after the epic storm of 1926.

As time went by, along with the many changes enforced in the city, hurricane protection systems were put in place and securing homes and property became more advanced including the tools and services used to make the hurricane protection systems tougher and even more reliable.

Over the years, Miami has experienced many more hurricanes – some epic and some forgettable – despite the city’s efforts to be more prepared.

hurricane impact windows miami
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Perhaps, it’s because nature doesn’t care.

True to its malevolent character, nature will continue to hammer down on anyone caught in its path and cause havoc on lives, homes and property with or without protection.

But the good news is – we are more prepared than ever thanks to impact resistant windows Miami.

Impact Resistant Windows Miami

To ensure the utmost protection for the city’s residents and business owners, high impact windows Miami have become a staple over time and hurricane impact doors Miami have become a necessity.

High impact windows Miami have proven to be a highly reliable means of protection from the intense pressure brought about by a hurricane’s wind, rain and debris that may cause massive destruction to homes and property.

StormGuard Impact Window & Door, a company that has provided hurricane impact doors Miami for more than fifty years now, has a variety of state-of-the-art products and expert installation services available to Miami residents and business owners.

Hurricane Impact Windows Miami

We are a trusted team of hurricane windows Miami experts that provides hurricane protection systems to our customers in Florida, from Orlando to Key West.

Our hurricane impact windows Miami are state-of-the-art and have passed the most stringent industry standards.  Our team consists of knowledgeable and highly experienced craftsmen who will ensure a seamless and meticulous installation process for our valued customers.

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